Steel pipe has been the traditional piping material for most of the HVAC application. However, corrosion is an ongoing challenge for most HVAC operator. With constant the dosing of chemical to prevent corrosion on the metal and other related activities associate with it, the HVAC consultant has to think twice when specifying a metal pipe for HVAC project.

Highly durable Eurapipe ABS piping systems, however, are corrosion-resistant, standing up to even the harshest chemicals are corrosion resistance and it performed extremely well under low temperature. The pipeline does not require corrosion inhibitor as it is corrosion free. It has been used in subzero application where none thermoplastic can be used.

With their superior long-term performance, Eurapipe ABS pipe and fittings are well-suited for a wide array of applications, including chilled water supply and return, cooling towers supply and return line.

  • UV-protective coating of carbon black and titanium dioxide protect the polymer backbone from the effects of UV radiation in outdoor installations
  • Resistance to scaling and fouling sometimes allows for pipe downsizing
  • Fast and easy installation process
  • Lower life-cycle costs resulting from less maintenance
  • Availability of full system components, including pipe, fittings and solvent cement in a wide array of sizes
  • Technical assistance from Eurapipe‚Äôs experienced R&D and field support teams


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