Eurapipe® ABScon

EURAPIPE ABScon is a plastic piping system for telecommunication conduit. The system is a solvent welded and are designed to meet the arduous conditions that can be experienced in mining, industrial applications and hot process environment.

EURAPIPE ABScon has superior weathering characteristic to traditional conduit and it can be exposed to harsh UV without the fear of failure. It is also known as a shatterproof piping and is resistant to attack from a wide range of chemicals. ABS is lead and halogen free.

The combined characteristic of EURAPIPE ABScon will give the user the confidence that is required for an absolutely secure long life conduit system.

- Light weight

- Easy to install

- Ductile and flexible

- Corrosion and impact resistant

- Size Range: 20mm to 110mm

- Length 5.8m

- Electrical Cable

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AS/NZS 3518:2013